core values

Modernplum's products and bespoke services create beauty, comfort and authenticity in your home that help transform daily experiences. We are inspired by the outdoors, the environment, and the slow, healing nature of linen and other natural fibers. We believe in linen's unique qualities that make it both a heritage fabric and a completely contemporary choice for its durability, purity, and charm. 

humble beauty 

We believe that beauty is found in humble places. Beauty is not found through overt decoration, it is found in authentic materials, simple and thoughtful details, and design where practicality is key. Beautiful things bring a fullness to everyday life. This is what we strive to make in our studio.


We import our fabric from the Czech Republic and sew in Chicago, Illinois. Manufacturing in the United States makes sense for our company, as it is a move toward getting "back to basics" in supporting America's manufacturing infrastructure, keeping and creating jobs, and supporting a simplified footprint in production overall. Having our production close-by also allows for better management of quality checks as well as a faster overall production timetable including new product development. What results is a product with a traceable history, one that has been lovingly designed and sewn in our community.

living with natural and authentic materials

Linen is a heritage fabric and Modernplum linen products are heirloom quality. Linen's tensile strength is unmatched among other natural fibers, so it is durable and naturally practical. Linen's fibers are resistant to breaking down in the wash and yet they also getting softer with each use. Living with linen's longevity encourages reduced consumer textile waste since it does not need to be replaced often. The heritage of collecting linen brings family and community together while helping the environment.

stewarding the environment

Part of our commitment to using linen fabric, aside from is durability and practicality, is how it is farmed and processed relative to other natural fibers. We are concerned about the use of pesticides, water usage, and human labor exploitation present in the textile industry overall. Linen's flax plant requires fewer artificial interventions during its growth and processing cycles than other natural fibers. Since home textiles are so closely tied with the intimate rituals of daily life like sleeping and eating, we believe in linen's nature purity as part of healthy living.
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