core values

humble beauty 

Beauty is found in humble places. Beauty is not found through overt decoration, but in authentic materials, simple and thoughtful details, and practical design. Beautiful things bring a fullness to everyday life. 


We import our fabric from Northern Europe and sew in Chicago, Illinois. Manufacturing in the United States supports America's manufacturing infrastructure, keeps and creates jobs, and support a small production footprint. Having our production close-by allows for better management of quality checks as well as a faster production timetable. What results is a product with a traceable history and rooted in our community.


Modernplum products are heirloom quality. Living with linen's purity, longevity, and durability is a life rooted in simple materials that last. The heritage of collecting linen brings family and community together while helping the environment.

stewarding the environment
Part of our commitment to using linen fabric is how it is farmed and processed relative to other natural fibers. We are concerned about the use of pesticides, water usage, and human labor exploitation present in the textile industry overall. Linen's flax plant requires fewer artificial interventions during its growth and processing cycles than other natural fibers. 


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