Modernplum was founded by Allison Warren, an artist, designer and style maker. Soon after moving to a glass house, she was inspired to create linen goods to complement the home's mid-century design. Her relaxed luxe lifestyle approach comes from growing up in a southern California beach town and formerly living in New York City and Scandinavia. Allison's vision for modern life is about living with authentic goods and experiences and finding joy in simplicity. She has a masters degree in Fine Art from Cranbrook Academy in Detroit and teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Grey linen pillowcase


Modernplum is frequently in the press with coverage publications such and Remodelista, Chicago Tribune, Modern Luxury Magazine, House & Home, and Better Homes and Gardens among others. The company has been noted by the trade for its innovation in US-based manufacturing. Modernplum was a Martha Stewart American Made Finalist in 2014, and its products have been sourced for Fox's "Love is a Four Letter Word" pilot TV series. The brand exhibits frequently at trade shows such as NY NOW, the AD Architectural Digest Design Show, and regional markets such as American Field.

Bed made with beautiful linens

Blue linen tablecloth with flowers


Modernplum is a lifestyle brand with a fresh perspective on linen goods. Proudly based in central Chicago, Plum offers practical linens with an emphasis on modern design and customized and coordinating premium fabrics and colors. Modernplum is locally made by artisan craft people who sew slowly from start to finish. Conceived as collectables, Plum's products are made exclusively from European linen, as we believe this fabric provides durability, beauty, and wellness in the home.

Pillow in a deck chair


We  are a sustainable business at every stage of the production and fullfillment cycle. Using linen is naturally a sustainable fiber, as it uses substantially fewer land resources and fertilizers to grow than cotton and lasts longer than many common fabrics, including cotton. The inherent durability of flax requires fewer purchases over time, which collectively will reduce textile waste. We also sew and ship from Chicago, our home base, which eliminates international freight resources while also providing jobs to our local community. Items are cut and sewn on a per order basis, which means we are a zero waste production operation. Fabric and resources are used when needed, but only then. We also purposefully use light packaging and recycle boxes whenever possible. We believe this model is a responsible way to make goods.