Accent Pillows

Accent Pillows that are icing on the cake. Ornate and also understated, they are artisan made by piecing together various textures, colors and weights of fabric. Limited Edition.

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Claire Accent Pillow Indigo-Modernplum
Larson Lumbar Pillow-Modernplum
Forest Accent Pillow-Modernplum
Leo Accent Pillow Plaid-Modernplum
Sunny Accent Pillow-Modernplum
Claire Accent Pillow Butter-Modernplum
Lilac Accent Pillow-Modernplum
Claire Accent Pillow Pebble-Modernplum
Sold Out
Quince Lumbar Pillow-Modernplum
Jensen Lumbar Pillow Assorted Colors-Modernplum
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