American Craft Blossoming

No doubt American craftsmanship is blossoming everywhere. Dwell Magazine recently published its annual Made in America edition that features makers across America like Modernplum who are invigorating local manufacturing, small creative business, and small-scale production with products for every room in the house. This annual list coupled with the growth in popularity of Etsy and Martha Stewart's American Made project seems to indicate a blossoming of the craftsman and the well-crafted product here is the United States. The article presents 50 well-made and designed options that utilize and develop the talent, resources, and infrastructures that already exist here. How nice it is to know where these products were made, who made them, and with what materials. There is some thing irresistibly comforting and healing about making with integrity and authenticity like this. Computers, machines, and digital information, which pervade every aspect of our lives, while necessary and efficient, cannot fill our need for human craft, touch, and ingenuity. 

Allison Warren
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