That time I cooked at home


It was a simple lunch, that time I decided to cook at home instead of order in. Ordering in was the easy and expected thing to do but on that lazy summer afternoon when the leaves were at their greenest and the summer lilies were at their fullest, ordering in didn't seem right. Of course, who wouldn't want prepared food to arrive at the door ready to be eaten and who wouldn't want the convenience especially with so much to do? This might be the perfect solution to getting food on the table: have someone else cook.  

But having someone else cook takes away something important: You. It takes away your sensibility for food choices, your touch in the kitchen, your way of presenting food, and your presence during the process. All these reasons add up to a lot. There is a connection to self and others that happens during the cooking process. For self, cooking in your own kitchen yields a connection to your own space with all of its collections, memories, and food stuffs which tends to hold the cycle of our week in tact. It's also a chance to connect to the senses of cooking which can be therapeutic. The smell of food, the rhythms of a rolling boil, and clanking of silverware in the drawer to name a few. And think of the last time you were in the kitchen as a meal was being prepared. Chatting away in a casual and relaxed way that seems to uniquely emerge in the kitchen. No wonder parties often end up here.

So this is a case for cooking at home. Forgo the plastic food containers, the plastic utensils, the excessive packaging and take out or delivery meals, and opt in for a deeper, more grounding experience that arises from taking the time and energy to cook at home. Good things will happen.


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