My journey into textiles

Since founding Modernplum in 2014, people ask me a lot about why and how I got interested in textiles. My relationship with fabrics has many layers that together gives me a great affinity for it, not only for its practical applications but also for it strong cultural influence. My mom was an interior designer who liked to take me to the textile showrooms in LA. As she would scour the racks for specific fabrics, I would be left to explore the world of textiles. The prints, the linens, the weaves, the colors, the textures -- everything was there. While outwardly pretending total boredom, secretly it was thrilling to be exposed to these things. My bedroom at home was also filled with textiles with flowery prints, embroidery and needlepoint, cotton sheeting, and 70's shag carpet. All of it made a beautiful nest that became a reliable sanctuary and a source of daily beauty.
It's true that fabrics by themselves, as they come off the roll, are pretty lifeless. They often get overlooked in home decor in favor of bigger, heavier furniture and objects. But when you bring fabrics into the home - onto a bed, onto a dining table, or to cover a window - they are completely integral to the important rituals of daily life: sleeping, eating, and lounging, to name a few. Textile products aren't inanimate and static objects, they are totally interactive. They become the backdrop and utility for life to unfold. They are a large part of what makes a house, a home.  What's better than being able to help in this process? I often think about how lucky that is.
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