Find your peace (in bed)


My husband laughs sometimes because I often linger in bed. To this guy who doesn't even own a pair of slippers or a robe, lounging in bed or anywhere else isn't just odd, it signifies a lack of motivation. But nothing could be further from the truth. Lingering in bed is a productive pastime and very important to self-care. Your bed can be a special place of total serenity, calm, and relaxation that is unlike anything else. For how much time we spend there, I wonder why the bed isn't used often as a real asset for daily personal renewal, beyond just sleep. Here are a few things you can do to make that so:

1. Linger purposefully

Lingering in bed is giving yourself permission to not get up right away in the morning or going to bed early. Lingering doesn't really have an agenda except to just be present, and that is why it is so important to body, mind and soul. Lingering in a comfortable, safe, and meaningful place without anything to do is freeing and restorative. It is stepping off the treadmill to reconnect with yourself. Five or ten minutes, or more of quiet time where you can just rest.

2. Change your sheets often 

Having newly changed sheets is a real pleasure and this definitely contributes having a peace-worthy bed. We recommend at least two sets of sheets that you alternate on a weekly basis. This will help cut down on the chore of washing sheets as often. New sheets have a particular thing about them that just feels good. You know what I mean?

3. Listen to the quiet and your breath

Have you ever woken up and savored the stillness that comes from sleeping? This semi-slumber state comes from being unplugged to the concerns of the outside and plugged into yourself. Listen to the quiet and hear your breath, thinking inward.

4. Have quality bedding

Everyone has their own version of great bedding. Whatever is yours, get some of that. It's important that the nest we create in bed, is personal and meaningful. Good bedding is a large part of that. Bedding should feel good, last a long time, wash well, and look beautiful. Our first recommendation is to buy natural fabrics like cotton, silk or linen. Natural fabrics breath better and feel good next to the skin.

5. Invest in a good mattress

The foundation of your bed is the mattress and so this is an important investment. There are many kinds of mattresses: innerspring, foam, and gel are some popular ones. The important thing is that it feels comfortable to you. When it comes to mattress, quality does cost more, but this cost is offset by its longer life-expectancy and the support the mattress will give your body over time. Your comfort and overall health will be enhanced with a high quality mattress. 

6. Forgo the technology

Finding peace and looking inward is unplugging from the outside world. Technology and electronics aren't part of this journey. 

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