Favorite Things: April

April is in full swing, and the list is out. Our current group of April favorites stems from a lighter, fresher perspective in all things: lighter colors, refreshing greens everywhere, new spring foliage and flower blossoms, and the awareness of a certain optimism that comes from the new season. What we are coveting now. 1. All things Cherry Blossoms, either seen in person or imagined. 2. Macarons of any color, although especially in green to match the spirit of April. Macarons are the french version of macaroons. They are made with a marvelous almond paste and true to each color, they have distinctive tastes. These are pistachio. 3. Mix and match striped napkins which salute the new season of entertaining. 4. Trench coat, in every style and color imaginable. 5. Tretorn sneakers (nothing more to be said). 6. An indoor/outdoor table runner which just makes sense in the warmer months. This is made from rustic and textured linen. 

Allison Warren
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