Musings on setting the table


When warmer weather comes so do the opportunities for eating together. Setting the table and eating with our peeps is fundamental to our well-being. I believe that this is one way to ground yourself in a circle of reassuring support. We need that now more than ever. There is lots in the magazines and blogs about setting the table, especially with Mother's Day coming up. There will be lots of information about what makes good linens, beautiful dishes, and sublime flowers. All of these are important considerations for setting the table in that these choices signify a sense of care for the experience, even if only a Tuesday with leftovers as the main course. Often these everyday, nothing special meals, are those where the real magic happens. That might be time you hear about a new project, an idea for a trip, or a funny conversation that happened that day. I'd like to think that these moments of connection are enhanced when the table setting - like using china plates, linen napkins, a runner, and simple silverware -- are in place, and are a consistent marker for a meal. Setting the table isn't about being fancy or pretentious, it's about setting the stage consistently where we can connect with ourselves and others over a meal. It's just the best.


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