We eat a lot of ice cream and berries in the summer time. When the sun is out somehow this combination makes the day. There is a five minute dessert that I often make for almost every reason. Like last week when my kids where out of school for the summer and we just had to mark the event with an earmark of the hot season. Or when my daughter gets her braces adjusted and its soft foods for two days. Or its a Tuesday and its hot, so let's eat.

The short version is vanilla ice cream gets drenched with a hot berry sauce which instantly melts the ice cream to a coldish-hot soup of total sugary and tangy pleasure. And all in about five minutes of effort. It's that good and that easy. 

To make it, we put about half a cup of frozen berries (blueberry, strawberry, raspberry) in a saucepan covered on low heat. Then let it cook for 10 -15 minutes. Add 1 tablespoon of sugar or to taste. The sauce is done at this point and can be taken off heat to cool. Spoon over slightly softened vanilla ice cream. One trick to make this ever easier is to put the berries on the stove when we are eating. It's done perfectly when we are finished.

We served this bowl of delicious in little blue decorative bowls along with our Quince table clothe and napkins. Design wise, Quince was the obvious choice to pair with this dish. Red, white and blue in the table linens and in the dessert mix so well together. I like the mixing of pattern and how the white of the ice cream off sets the whole design. Quince manages to be both casual and formal at the same time. Loving this combo for the Fourth - it's a happy dessert that just makes me smile.

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