The last gasp of summer is now, and during these final weeks there is palpable shift in both climate and mood. It's a distinctive change which ear marks the change of season. There is a sense of loss and longing that I think is delicious. A loss for the season of shorts, ice cream, long days, and time off, even if for just an afternoon. But with this also comes anticipation for what's to come. This time brings the stirrings of back to school and the start of the season, whatever that means for you.  

At Plum, we are releasing a new catalog soon which has been true labor of love. Creating a home life is an expression of love and our products come from this place. The catalog features new work in bedding, pillows, and table linens that adhere to the idea of living simply with nature. The collection emerged from childhood memories of living in Los Angeles, and the consistent interactions between the city and nature. Runyon Canyon, our touchstone, is a park there that features soft rolling hills in hues of deep plum, sage, and jade. While these are strong colors, they are also neutrals, in that they blend well with classic gray, black, and white and provide a vibrant, but not too colorful tapestry at home. These are colors and textures that truly are a reflection of the landscape. The new work is coming October 1st. If you would like a catalog, let us know via the contact form on the website. The catalog will also be posted on the website around that time.

At home this month, we are using linens that capture the warm, relaxed, comfortable casual season that is August. For the bedding images below, we combined a Breton duvet with Oline Coverlet in Citron. Pillowcases are Breton, and the accent pillows are Norse Charcoal and Hartland. For the table linens, its Citron linen, the perfect color of sunshine, butter, and sunflowers. We did a collage to illustrate how the fabrics can be mixed. Yellow, gray and white in various combos. 

We believe in mix and match bedding which is driven by colors coordinating, not always by collection alone. The spirit of life is always in flux with nothing ever static and our linens reflect this spirit. 


So for these last days of summer, this is our salute, linen-wise. May these last days be delicious! To view these products on our website, follow this link.