Rituals and sanctuary

 What was that certain something that caused me to start Modernplum? It was helping woman find calm and stay grounded and find connections to the things that matter for them. It's a pretty simple idea but in actuality, I think its getting harder and harder to achieve.

Societal influences like digital culture, fast consumerism and an extended work week among others, demand a lot of our attention and they aren't going away any time soon. So we must combat these with daily and seasonal rituals that act as a kind of buffer to the outside. As a company, we are all about celebrating these buffers and making products and creating experiences to help you create calm and stay grounded at home and life. We are the anecdote to these influences and demands for attention, asking instead that you make time for yourself, your home, and the people you love.

Here is my list of must-do's or should-do's for creating a sense of calm, staying grounded, and ultimately staying present to the important things. More posts to follow on these 10 important rituals. 

1. Cook at home
2. Set the table
3. Have a beautiful bed
4. Spend time in bed
5. Vary your decor
6. Read 
7. Drink lots of water 
8. Smell lavender
9. Keep fresh flowers in the house
10. Seek beauty
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